let’s get this up and running, shall we?

so begins a new year of college, a new apartment, and a brand new kitchen.  since i am responsible for making my own meals now, instead of relying on the menu on the fridge at home or taking my chances at the dining halls on grounds, i have decided to chronicle my foodie feats in a photo blog.

to be honest, i initially started photographing my lunches and dinners because i was so very proud of how “food network” they looked and wanted to have them for laptop backgrounds (jk about that last part :] ). but i also started taking photos to remind myself of what i made and just how good it looked right before i ate it.  that way, if i came across a night where i was short on ideas or didn’t really know what i was in the mood for, i could pull up iPhoto and glance through my masterpieces.  kind of like when you’re hungry, but not for anything in particular, and you see commercials on TV for taco bell and are persuaded to run out and get a burrito?  yep, i work that way.

the food isn’t anything particularly fancy or out of the ordinary, but rather good and creative dishes that i make on a college student budget in a small (yet adorable) apartment kitchen.  due to technical difficulties, my first few days of photos disappeared from my camera while they were importing to my computer and are lost forever (GAHHH).  but once i make my next meal, you can feast your eyes on them right here.